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Tenth Triennial Gathering

Resources from the Triennial Gathering website can be found here. Resources include In-Kind Gift List, the Prayer Labyrinth directions and patterns, and the Quilt Challenge for the Triennial.


November 1, 2016 - Deadline for submitting Triennial Gathering Scholarship applications. The forms and mailing address are available here.

January 6, 2017 - Final day of early bird registration for the 10th Triennial Gathering which will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Ladies, it doesn't get any closer! Join with thousands of Lutheran women from around the globe to hear the best speakers, finest music, and wonderful workshops. Check the NW Wisconsin website - or the national W/ELCA website for particulars -

Gift Idea to bring to Triennial:

Every Synod seems to have a trinket or small item for their ladies to give as a token gift to women from other parts of the country that you meet at the Triennial. Last time we had little rubber bracelets in honor of healthy women and girls with the heart logo on them. Sometimes this item is a lapel pin, a hunk of candy, a package of Kool-aid from the state of origin, etc. This Triennial we are suggesting microwaveable hand warmers.

Cut out a rectangle 3 1/2" x 7" of COTTON fabric. We are suggesting prints with some similarity to the "All Anew" logo - either butterflies or flower petals. Fold in half, right sides together, and sew two sides shut, leaving the last side open to fill with approx 3 tablespoons of raw rice. Then tuck the open edges in before top-stitching closed.
Stitch across two of them in a row so you have a pair joined together. You can also include something similar to the following in the stitching atop one of them cut in a small square from printed paper:

Heat in the microwave.
Place inside mitten or
glove on your palm to
keep hands warm on
cold winter days.

From Triennial Gathering Promoter, Roberta Bitler, or 715.349.5908 for more information.

The Tenth Triennial Gathering of the Women of the ELCA will be held July 13-16, 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (It doesn’t get any closer than this!) The theme is “all anew” and we will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Come join women from around the world in worship, singing, workshops, speakers (and some shopping!) at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Earlybird registration (at a cheaper rate!) ends January 7, 2017 so you need to sign up soon.

We are looking to take a couple of buses to Minneapolis that would get us there Thursday, July 13, 2017 and bring us back Sunday, July 16, 2017. Now, there are a couple of trips you can sign up for on Thursday that leave at 12 noon. The buses will get us there by noon so you can sign up for the trip. If you are not going on one of those trips, then my suggestion is to take your luggage to the hotel room and even if you can’t check in yet, you can check your luggage at the hotel and leave it there. Then go for lunch, go to the Convention Center, get registered and head to the Exhibit Hall because you’re going to want to spend some time there and you will be pretty busy the rest of the time.
We are looking at having buses stop in Spooner, Rice Lake and St. Croix Falls for our more northern route, and then stop at Medford, Osseo, Eau Claire and Hudson for the more southern route. We are hoping we get enough women signed up so the bus trip will only cost about $50 per person and that is round trip. It will be so much cheaper than parking there, but just remember: The buses are only bringing us there on Thursday and bringing us back on Sunday. They will not be around to take us places on Friday and Saturday. We are planning on using churches as the bus stops where we can get picked up and leave our cars.
Please let me know when you have registered and if you want to take the bus. I need to know, especially if you want to take the bus, so if we can plan accordingly. We want to fill up those buses!! You have to let me know if you want to take the bus by March 1, 2017, then we can figure out if we have enough for two buses (or if we need more!). And then you will be required to pay for the bus by April 1, 2017.