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Phoebe Hospital Solar Project May 2017 Update

Attached is the May report giving an update on the installation of the solar system at Phebe and a summary of what's next. Little did any of us know the impact this project would have not only on Phebe but on the possibility of other sites.  As BJ states in her report, Curran Hospital, another Liberian Lutheran hospital not far from Phebe is a good candidate for early 2018. Grant requests have already been submitted. RREAL has also had requests from of a number of hospitals in Liberia and other African countries. We have started a movement. What fun it is being a fool for God. 

Bless you all for the support you've provided to bring us to this point. I'm still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. None of it would have been possible without your help.  We can still use your financial help to make training, energy efficiency upgrades, replacement of generators, addition of storage (batteries) and building a base for future sites a reality. . 

God is good all the time, All the time God is good.
Mary Jo Mettler

   Download the story from the NE Minnesota Synod.

Check out this story benefitting Domestic-abuse victims.

250 Quilts to Lutheran World Relief!


The Women of Lakeside Community Lutheran Church, Webster, WI (A & H) made 250 quilts to send to Lutheran World Relief. The women meet every Tuesday at 9:00 am. Most days there are only between 6 - 12 women there. There a few special days when more people participate, such as "Tie One On". On Monday, November 18th, 2013, there will be a "Doe Camp" where we will be hunting in the closets for backings, fillers, and tops. In addition to the 250 quilts, 15 special quilts were made and given to those in need locally and to our High School graduates. We also completed 34 dress kits. (Jan Myers)


ElaineElaine is a member of New Hope Lutheran Church in Sand Creek.  She currently resides at the MapleWood in Bloomer.  She misses going to church so much.  However, she is still active in WELCA.  Her family made her very happy when they provided her with a sewing machine.   Almost every week one of our members takes two quilt “kits” to Elaine.  These kits are pieces that have been cut and assembled at church the previous Monday.  Elaine sews them together and the rest of the residents admire them.  She often tells how she once sewed as many as one quilt top per day.  She is so happy to be part of our New Hope Comforters and to keep busy with a worthwhile project.