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Resources abound on the Women of the ELCA website!

Stewardship Resources, including Thankoffering Service

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Fierce Freedom - Fighting modern-day slavery in our hometowns.

The book "A Malawi Welcome", written by Diane Kaufmann and Janelle Thompson and illustrated by Janelle, is available at A Companion Piece, written by Pastor Sue Eidahl, can be downloaded here. Full of great ideas for Sunday School classes!

Download a Speaker Resource List! (updated March 2018)

Link to information regarding the ELCA Social Statement regarding Women and Justice

Don't forget! There are many resources available for you to download or link to at the NW Synod of Wisconsin's Synod Resource Center.

Cherish All Children, Joy McElroy (email), Executivel Director. Available to speak to adults about how to get involved in addressing and preventing child sexual exploitation.

For the next year, congregations are invited to "Mobilize Prayer - End Demand". On the second Sunday of the month (during the Prayers of the People) and the third Thursday at 2:00 pm, please pray the following prayer - download here.

Download Amy Hartman's presentation from the 2018 SWO April 21 convention.

Download Handout of 2018 Treasurer's Day of Enrichment Presentation

Be sure you are looking at and reading our Synod Women’s newsletter, The Northwester. It comes out quarterly. Your unit should be receiving at least one free copy. Encourage women to order their own copies for only $8.00 a year. It’s a good bargain! Our editor, Eleanor Johnson, does a wonderful job of publishing our newsletter and she’d welcome any news from local units so feel free to share some of the wonderful things you are doing in your units.  Email your articles or ideas to Eleanor by September 1, December 1, March 1, or June 1. If you want to know what’s happening with the women of our Synod, the Northwester is the place to find out! 

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