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Our Work - Special Initiatives

Malawi Literacy Effort - Let's Help Our Malawi Sisters Learn How to Read!

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi is using the Malawi government approved Literacy Curriculum/books. Often teachers are recommended by the local pastor. The teachers are provided a two week training in using the curriculum prior to beginning a class. Currently there are 25 classes in 22 locations in 4 Deaneries. The majority of classes meet at Feeding Centers. The children are at Feeding Center in the morning. Moms attend the 2 hour class 3 to 5 times a week in the pm for a 3 to 6 month period. Older children care for the younger ones while Mom is in class. Currently the beginners are meeting with more advanced students. A goal is to provide two levels of classes - one for beginners and one for more advanced. The students agree to give their teacher a small payment for teaching the class.
Northwest Synod of Wisconsin Malawi Literacy contributions are being used for Teacher Books, individual Student Books, chalk boards, chalk etc. For more Information and SWO Liason Women - Download here

PV for Phebe focus. Addressing the needs of the people of Liberia and planting the seeds for a secure future. More information available on Women of the ELCA website. This video explains the effort.